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1.Meanwhile, the men's and women's singles draw was also completed on Thursday, as men's title favourites Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were drawn into different halves, meaning they cannot face each other before the final.。
2.Shanghai dominated the second half with several scoring chances. Hulk hit the post twice but couldn't find his second goal of the match.。
3.Guoan suffered criticism after earlier fumbling a 3-0 lead against Qingdao, suffering instead a 3-3 tie in the first leg.。
4.Chinese naturalized player Ai Kesen, known as Elkeson in Brazil, put the Guangzhou side 1-0 ahead in the 14th minute with a penalty kick.。
5.Guangzhou posed more threats than Dalian in the first half, but no goals were scored. What's worse for Rafa Benitez's side, Swedish center-back Marcus Danielson was subbed after just 21 minutes because of a head injury.。
6.Yu and Fu finished first in the preliminaries of the women's breaststroke 200m and 100m backstroke respectively, but couldn't make the finals as well.。


1.But Flamengo defended stubbornly thereafter to secure their third win from four matches.。
2.Flick claims he can't secure a successful season with Leroy Sane (Citizens) and Tanguy Nianzou (Paris) as the club is facing the German Supercup final against Dortmund, a possible FIFA club World-Championship in addition to its national campaigns.。
3.Teda's Frank Acheampong scored in the 69th minute but his goal was ruled out for offside. Alessandrini added the third for Huanghai in the 88th minute. Enditem。
4.The Guinness Book of World Records has also recognized him as the first person to climb Mt. Qomolangma in winter without bottled oxygen in December 1987.。
5.The organizers also highlighted that reviews will take place after each test event, which would help formulate better working and contingency plans amid the pandemic.。
6.Their performances at the championships will be an important reference for their qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Enditem。


1.Viera bagged his second with a stunning free kick in the 56th minute, before Cedric Bakambu added the fifth in the 85th minute.。
2.In the 81st minute, Shijiazhuang wasted their best scoring opportunity to tie the match as Piao Shihao's close range open shot missed the target.。
3.Guangzhou regrouped after the interval and levelled in the 71st minute when Wu Chao slotted the ball into the net after collecting a pass from his teammate in the box.。
4.A few weeks ago, Union Berlin striker Sebastian Polter was suspended following a corona-based wage dispute.。
5.The race also featured an outdoor mountain track that took in several scenic spots across four different cities in Gansu. Enditem。
6.ROME, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Novak Djokovic won a record 36th Masters crown as he beat Diego Schwartzman in the men's final of the ATP Italian Open on Monday.。


1、The South American zone World Cup qualifiers were originally scheduled to begin in late March but were suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.。
2、Jiangsu had slight advantage from the very beginning and moved towards winning the first set gradually and steadily.。
3、Local cyclists prevailed in all categories, with Liang Shizhong and Huang Shihai winning the men's title in 14:02:17, Che Ruirui and Chen Hongyu taking the women's title in 16:45:04, and Song Hanbing and He Huaisong triumphing in the mixed category in 16:02:34.。
4、3. Reality check for Valencia while Aspas marches on。
5、3. Reality check for Valencia while Aspas marches on。


'The reason I like skiing is really simple.' says Zhang Yifan, 31, from Beijing. 'It's about meeting cheerful and interesting people you probably wouldn't meet in everyday life.'!


  • 施展 10-21

    "It will be strange to see you in another shirt and even stranger to come up against you on the pitch... I had already begun to imagine it but today I went into the dressing room and it truly dawned on me. It's going to be so difficult not to continue to share every day with you both on the pitch and away from it," the Argentinean wrote.

  • 就能 10-20

    Brazil has the world's second-highest COVID-19 death toll behind the United States, with more than 139,000 fatalities. Enditem

  • 加棘 10-19

    Yuan looked as if she thought the game was over after the second set, but it was in the third set where Yunnan staged their strongest resistance.

  • 形金 10-18

    Players are also accused of lacking the right mentality.

  • 人都 10-17

    Both Tottenham and Newcastle have produced Jekyll and Hyde starts to the season, with Spurs losing to Everton and then scoring five away to Southampton, while Newcastle beat West Ham before being thrashed at home to Brighton and then netting seven in the Carabeo Cup. Given those records anything could happen when the two teams meet at White Hart Lane.

  • 道声 10-16

    The win marks the first victory for DeChambeau at one of golf's major championships.

  • 金界 10-15

    MADRID, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Matchday 3 of La Liga sees FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Elche play their first games of the season, while Real Madrid has another difficult away game. Here are some things to look out for in Spain this weekend.

  • 见小 10-14

    Both sides accelerated their rhythm in the second set, but Hebei could hardly break through the tight blocks cemented by Xu Ruoya and Wang Chenyue as Jiangsu had an identical winning scoring for the second set.

  • 立即 10-13

    "The stadium has been designed to respect and preserve the heritage of the area, while bringing a long-standing semi-derelict dockland site back into productive use," added the spokesperson.

  • 睛一 10-12

    Guangzhou Evergrande already secured the first position in this division by 31 points. However, the second and third position also see fierce competition between Jiangsu and Shandong, who gained the same number of points and are ranked only on goal difference. Enditem

  • 修士 10-11

    Despite an 83.40m performance from Bulgaria's Mark Slavov, Mardare responded with 83.60m with his fourth attempt.

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